Municipal waste collection

Clean, well maintained, certified trucks highlight our commitment to the residential market.
Professional uniformed and trained drivers operate with efficiency, practicality and the
courtesy expected by homeowners. We provide regular health and safety meetings for our
people and stress the importance of having good relations with every household we service.
We pride ourselves in providing personal quality collection services and which in turn
develops into long term relationships.

Professional well educated staff

Talk to our customer service departments and hear for yourself. Our people live locally and
are professional, courteous, and prompt.
All staff wear protective ware and unifiorms.
Manual street sweeping and mechanical street sweeping.
Well educated staff ensure that they clean the streets in an efficient way responding
positively to the customers’ requests and the community at large.

Door to Door waste collection

Our staff ensure to collect waste in accordance to established agreed time schedule and
collect any spilled waste near the waste disposal bags.
All Waste collection trucks are washed and disinfected once or twice daily.

Commercial Waste Management

Businesses with smaller amounts of commercial waste can sometimes get lost by giant trash
hauling corporations. The specialized needs of our customers are addressed with easily
adaptable schedules and equipment. Our trucks are equipped with GPS and data-tracksystems which enable us to track every customer and record the exact time of day service
was provided. This also allows us to respond quickly to special service requests by
immediately identifying trucks in close proximity to your business.

Green Public Procurement

We confirm that we are aware of the the environmental considerations in public procurement
.and  National Action Plan for Green Public Procurement.
Our waste collection trucks and Mechanical Sweepers are all compliant with EURO IV
We further confirm that we are compliant with the Green Public Procurement criteria
according to the National GPP Guidelines.



Contact Us for more information and service hire/purchase.

Our Services Include:

  • Manual and Mechanical Street Sweeping.
  • Mechanical Street sweeping and washing.
  • Waste collection door to door.
  • Waste collection by trucks.
  • Domestic and commercial bins on wheels hire.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Janitorial Cleaning services
  • Automated Bin washing.
  • Water Supply transport .
  • Bins on Wheels sales and rentals.
  • Complimentary On-Site Estimates.
  • Power wash of buildings facades.
  • Maintenance of public gardens.
  • Watering of Plants and trees.
  • Fertilizing and weeding.
  • Tilting of Soil.
  • Planting of trees and plants.
  • Pruning of trees.
  • Hire of Mobile Toilets.
  • Water supply by Water Bowser.

Large Fleet of Equipment Including:

  • Battery operated Vacuum waste collection machines.
  • Vacuum waste collection machines.
  • Trucks and Vans.
  • Street sweeping machines.
  • Waste collection trucks Euro 5 Standard.
  • Mobile bin washer van.
  • Water Bowser.






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